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Did you forgot to add extra addons or want to add more features on an existing orders? It's easy, just order extra addons you need.

Wishlist + Affiliate feature:

Add wishlist and affiliate feature to an existing ecommerce website. Wishlist is a similar to shopping cart where user can add products and save for future checkout or can also share and send to any friends. This will add another button called "Add to Wishlist" on the products listing and/or product details page. This feature will work only for registered users on your site. After login user can add products to wishlist, save the wishlist cart and can buy later if stocks available.

Affiliate is a powerful marketting tools for generating more sales. You can offer user any % on any sales and can payout anytime. You can track everything with powerful affiliate manager.

Gift certificate feature:

Add sellable gift certificate feature on existing ecommerce website.

Gift certificates are automatically e-mailed after the purchase and it's up to you to define not just the e-mail, but create your own, store-specific gift cards.

You can use your own customized gift certificate images and you can also sell different certificates for different purposes. And what more, customers can buy, load, store, and track their Gift Certificate and its balance in their customer account. Any balance is then automatically available to be used as a full or part payment at the checkout.

  • Sellable gift certificates automatically emailed out upon purchase
  • Choose how your gift certificates look - Set up your own customized gift certificate
  • Optional expiration
  • Customers can use gift certificate as many times as it takes to use up the value
  • New customers can load, store, and track their gift certificate balance in the customer account
  • New Gift certificate balance is automatically available to be used as a payment at the checkout
  • History of Gift Certificates Usage Report
  • Upload your own codes
  • Email Notification - easily send email notification after purchased instantly

Blog feature:

Add blogging system to an existing E-commerce website.

Logo design:

Design your logo from us. All logo design includes an icon design, it means you can create iconic logo or text logo. After order please send your logo text and icon details using our inbuilt messaging system. It takes normally 2-4 days to deliver.

We will send you high quality jpg/png and as well as layered .ai (illustrator) files.

Extra products:

By default we support 30 products for all ecommerce website, you can add extra 100/200/500/1000 or unlimited products for extra price on existing ecommerce website.

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